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How to Breed Large Dogs

When people hear about breeding dogs, what comes into their minds is only the normal sized dogs that people keep in their homes as pets. This is true but what most of these people are not aware of is the fact that they can also get quite large breeds of dogs that can weigh even up to 50kgs. Large dogs are bred because there are pet lovers that will always be of the view that it is better to have larger dogs. The phrase bigger is better has been taking foot in the world of dog breeding. Large dogs have their own unique care and training that they should be given.

During the olden times, people who used to rear large breed dogs used to do it for a reason, a function and a purpose. Dogs can do more than just being pets. For instance, those people that breed large dogs may use them to boost security thus making a certain breed the best as guard dogs. You can also use them for hunting since they are large and can be able to subdue fairly large prey. Other large dogs are trained in a way that their rate of endurance is very high. These dogs were used as a means of transport. They essentially would take farm produce to the market. They could also be used to protect a famer’s animals.

When breeding large dogs, it is important to know its original purpose. This makes it easier to know the kinds of exercise a dog may require. For instance if a dog is bred to work for long then they must be engaged in duties that will help them work off their energy. There are different groups in the classification of large dogs. These groups can be broken down into the sporting group, hounds, working group, terrier group, toy group, non-sporting group, herding group, the miscellaneous class and finally the foundation stock service.

There are some large dogs that are unique to certain cultures or tribes like the Tibetan Mastiff that is known to have its origin from the Tibet people of china. The dog is usually trained to protect their sheep from attacks by wolves and other wild animals. They are a perfect example of large and fierce dogs.

To conclude, there is need to be cautious when it comes to breeding large dogs as there’s need to know the kind of exercise to expose the dog to. There’s also the need to be wise and learn how to keep the dogs healthy as well as stay aware of any kinds of infections that the dogs be exposed to. It is also recommended to find a trainer who has experience with dogs since they do the training job quite well and also know all kinds of dog commands.

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