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How to Take Care of the Senior Dog.

Old dogs are weak and lazy. One is supposed to pay attention to the needs of the senior dog a lot. It is good to take the measure and precautions for your older dog earlier. To prevent the dog from falling sick one is supposed to take care of the dog. Below are the instructions to be followed to protect the aged dog.

Diet plays an important role in taking care of the older dog’s life. You are required to feed your dog with the right food which contains special nutritional needs. Since the dog is less active make sure that you feed the dog with food that has low calories. When the dog is feed with the right food the dog will not be overweight. Seek help from a vet to be aware of the best food to feed your dog.

The vet will help to identify any disease that the dog is suffering from. Some examples of the required foods to provide your dog with are the natural whole food, the food with proteins, and the vegetable. You should not provide your dog with processed foods because bit is harmful the internal parts of the dog.

You should maintain the weight of the senior dog. Since the dog is unable to do exercise and play around the dog can be obese. As the dog ages it may add a lot of weight. There are some health conditions which are caused by the dog having more weight such as diabetes and the heart diseases. Nutrional food is the best for managing the weight of the dog. Diet plays a major role in managing weight.

It is crucial to make your dog to do some exercise. For example, you can accompany your dog for a walk as it will keep away the diseases. Swimming is also crucial for your dog to strengthen the weak joints and the muscle.

Through swimming the dog will gain its strength and habituation.
Protwcting the teeth of the dog will help the dog to live longer. The aged dogs have feeble teeth. Therefore you are supposed to brush the teeth regularly. This can be achieved by taking the dog to an expert in the dental cleaning. The decaying teeth may contain harmful bacteria which can lead to some diseases. You can also purchase a toy for your dog that will help to keep the teeth of the dog in a good shape.

It is crucial for you to look for a comfortable bed for your dog.The older dogs mostly keeps on sleeping therefore ensure that when it sleeps it does not feel uncomfortable and has adequate space in its room. When you keep the place that the dog is lying a carpet or a rug it will not feel cold thus you will keep it safe from suffering from arthritis. With all those ways you can take care of your old dog.

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