A Personalised Hip Flask Brings to Mind the Social Rebellion of the Prohibition Era

The main point of having a flask is to hide or conveniently carry some liquor on one’s person. Essentially, a flask is like a canteen. Being able to hide a small amount of alcohol this way allows someone to drink it discreetly in a situation where doing so might be frowned on. The convenience factor allows people to carry the beverage without needing to hold onto it, since a flask is normally tucked under clothing. A personalised hip flask is a welcome gift for someone who likes to use these devices or would enjoy having one on display at home.

Social Rebellion

Manufacturers and suppliers of flasks do not promote the idea that they should be used to hide alcohol where it is prohibited by law. Nevertheless, flasks increased dramatically in popularity during the era of Prohibition in the United States, set forth by the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.

Since this amendment banning sales of alcohol was later repealed, those citizens who used flasks may be viewed as justifiably ignoring an unjust law. It was an act of social rebellion that proved very successful. U.S. residents would not be denied their enjoyment of alcohol.

Negative Effects of Prohibition

Prohibition only lasted 14 years, but it left a trail of crime in its wake and enriched gangsters. Organized crime received a significant boost, with notorious individuals like Al Capone responding to the great demand for bootlegged alcohol. Liquor was not actually all that hard for ordinary people to obtain, but they had to hide it from the authorities wherever they went.

More About Flasks

Of course, flasks don’t even have to contain alcohol. People can use them to conveniently carry a small amount soda or even water when they go out on a venture like fly fishing or duck hunting. A common size for a flask is 8 oz., or one cup, but they are available in smaller and larger sizes as well. Their sleek, slim design makes it easy for small ones to be tucked into a pocket and large ones to be strapped to a belt. They can also be carried in a purse.